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Having a juvenile record in Texas can significantly impact a child's future, potentially hindering their ability to join the military, secure employment, acquire a state license, or gain admission into their preferred college. It’s imperative that your child get a vigorous and professional defense. The juvenile defense lawyer in our Pearland office knows how to provide that. 

The Law Office of John C. Caldwell, deeply rooted within the Brazoria County legal system, has a nuanced understanding of the local courts. Our firm is committed to devising a robust legal strategy tailored to your child's situation.

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How Long Can Juvenile Convictions Stay on a Record? 

In Texas, the length of time a juvenile conviction stays on a record can vary based on several factors, such as the severity of the crime and the child’s age at the time of the offense. 

Generally, most juvenile records are sealed automatically when the individual turns 18, or when two years have passed since the final disposition of the case, whichever is later. However, this sealing doesn't apply to all cases. Serious offenses or those committed by individuals close to the age of adulthood may remain a part of their visible record.

It's important to understand that even though a record is sealed, it isn't completely erased. Certain institutions, like law enforcement agencies or the military, may still have access to these records. This is why it's so vital to have a skilled and experienced juvenile defense attorney on your side. Our  Pearland office will work towards gaining your child’s acquittal or at least minimizing the impact on their future.  

Why Do You Need a Juvenile Defense Attorney? 

It is crucial to have a juvenile defense attorney for several significant reasons:

  • Specialized Knowledge: Juvenile defense attorneys have specialized knowledge and experience in dealing with the unique legal processes and considerations involved in defending minors in the court system.
  • Understanding of Juvenile Laws: Attorneys who focus on juvenile defense are well-versed in the specific laws and regulations that apply to minors, including aspects such as confidentiality, rehabilitation-focused justice, and diversion programs.
  • Protection of Rights: A juvenile defense attorney ensures that the rights of the young client are protected throughout the legal proceedings, including during questioning, court appearances, and interactions with law enforcement.
  • Advocacy for Best Interests: Attorneys work to advocate for the best interests of the juvenile client, taking into account factors such as age, maturity level, family dynamics, and potential long-term consequences of legal outcomes.
  • Development of Defense Strategies: Juvenile defense attorneys analyze the circumstances of the case, explore potential defenses, and develop strategies that are tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced by young clients.
  • Court Representation: Attorneys represent juveniles in court proceedings, presenting their case effectively, cross-examining witnesses, and negotiating with prosecutors to achieve the best possible outcome for the young client.
  • Guidance and Support: Facing legal issues can be overwhelming for juveniles and their families. A juvenile defense attorney provides guidance, support, and reassurance throughout the legal process, helping to alleviate stress and uncertainty.
  • Connection to Resources: Juvenile defense attorneys have connections to resources such as social workers, educational programs, and mental health services that can benefit the young client and support their overall well-being during and after the legal process.

Common Juvenile Charges We Defend

From minor infractions to serious felonies, we are prepared and willing to help. Some of the most common juvenile charges involve these: 

  • Drugs: In Texas, drug offenses among juveniles can range from simple possession to distribution or manufacturing. Our team at The Law Office of John C. Caldwell has a deep understanding of Texas drug laws, and we are adept at building strong defense strategies. 
  • Theft and property crimes: These include burglary, robbery, and shoplifting. Theft crimes often come with severe penalties, especially if they involve high-value items or occur multiple times. We have extensive experience in handling such cases.
  • Assault and battery: These charges can be particularly serious and may lead to substantial penalties, including probation, community service, and even detention. At The Law Office of John C. Caldwell, we are committed to protecting your child's rights. 
  • Vandalism and graffiti: Seemingly minor offenses, they can have serious consequences, including fines, community service, and a criminal record. Let us help eliminate or reduce the negative impact these charges could have on your child’s future. 
  • Alcohol-related offenses: From underage drinking to DWI, these charges can lead to repercussions that include fines, license suspension, and mandatory alcohol education programs. 
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Understanding the Juvenile Court Process in Texas

After a minor is apprehended, they're immediately taken to a processing center, and their parents or guardians are informed as swiftly as possible. The definition of “swiftly” in Texas is “without unnecessary delay.” This fast-paced process necessitates a detention hearing within 48 hours, or on the next working day if the arrest occurs on a weekend.

The juvenile court must ensure that parents or guardians are informed about the detention hearing. If they can't be reached, an attorney must be appointed for the minor. Unlike adult court, there's no bail system in juvenile court. However, the minor is likely to be released after the hearing unless they pose a flight risk, have no responsible adult to care for them, or are deemed a threat to themselves or others. Prior convictions can impact this decision.

The prosecutor usually presents their charges to a grand jury. Without the grand jury's approval, the case cannot proceed.

In severe cases, such as murder or major drug offenses, the prosecutor may argue for the juvenile to be tried as an adult. This only applies if the minor is at least 14 years old. Otherwise, the trial takes place in juvenile court. It’s then the job of your child’s lawyer to undermine the prosecution’s case as far as the evidence allows. 

Call Clay to Protect Your Child's Future

When your child's future is hanging in the balance, it's time to put your trust in Attorney John "Clay" Caldwell. With his firm belief in non-judgmental defense, Clay understands that everyone can make mistakes or be falsely accused. Regardless of the circumstances, he believes in the right to a fair defense and that the job of a juvenile defense lawyer is to safeguard the child’s future. 

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